Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Toddler Travel Activities (day 9)

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Today I am getting the clan ready to head out on a 9+ hour road trip. The first substantial road trip we've taken with both girls (gulp!). So, in honor of our up coming, ummm, intense family bonding experience I wanted to leave you (and me) with a few links to some toddler activities and tips for on the road.
One thing we are doing is borrowing some obnoxious, battery operated toys from some Friends. We don't like them, so we don't have many ourselves, but I thought they would be novel and keep our toddler girl entertained. I also hope to check out some children's DVDs from the library (we don't have any of those either) to use on a portable DVD player. And, of course we'll have a myriad of snacks and music and books. And many, many prayers for sleep.

So, check out my Travel with Toddlers pin board if you are gearing up for an adventure of your own. And please, PLEASE, if you have any tips for me would you leave them in the comments? if you have a post on your own blog about traveling with young ones please leave that in the comments section too; I'd love to pin it! Thank you...and please, pray for my sanity.

In Him,

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