Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Gospel on Halloween

Today is Halloween and, while I have mixed feelings about the day, right now in our family we have decided to participate in some of the fun of it all. Charlie Marie is dressing like her favorite book character, Little Bear. We enjoyed some fun and games at a local church's fall carnival last night and we will be passing out candy tonight as well as letting Charlie trick-or-treat a few houses in the neighborhood.
I know in the church there are strong opinions about not participating in Halloween and I highly respect that. My husband and I feel that in a culture in which neighbors are so isolated from one another (most just drive into their garage, close the door and aren't seen until they drive off for work and school the next morning) Halloween is a great opportunity to be neighborly and build community. We know that there is a whole lot of awful stuff attached to Halloween, so we tread lightly and prayerfully, but see it as an opportunity to bring light to a dark world.
One way we do this is with Gospel tracts. This year we got these tracts. What I like about them is that they have a pop culture quiz component so I can see kids keeping them to stump their parents and their friends at school. (side note: can you answer all the questions?)
Halloween Quiz, Pack of 25 Tracts
We package our tracts in cellophane bags with LOTS of good candy and treats. I like to bag the tracts with the candy because I don't want kids to get home and say, "Ugg! Those people just gave us this lame booklet." Rather, I want the response to be, "Wow! Those people are so generous, look at this cool bag of treats!" I think the tracts will be more well received in the second scenario...just maybe :)
If you like the idea of giving out tracts this Halloween (you know, today) it's not too late. Last year we printed out the Halloween tracts we found here and put them in the treat bags. If you don't have cellophane bags, zip-top baggies will do or you can staple some candy (the "good" candy) to the tract.

I'd love to know...what are your thoughts and feelings about Halloween? What do you do with your family?

In Him,

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