Hello Friend,

Welcome to The Homemade Oasis. I am so glad you are here!

I am a wife, mother, and most importantly child of the one true God. My dear husband has blessed me with gift of being a stay-at-home mother to our two young daughters.

In a society where women have been liberated right out of the freedom of homemaking it can be a lonely and confusing calling. The world lies to us daily, telling us that we are selling ourselves short if we are "only" homemakers. The world whispers to us that our work is mundane and insignificant. And oh, dear friend, how I have bought into these lies time and again. But these lies are just that, lies. Because my friend, the diapers and discipline, they are Kingdom work. The nurturing of eternal souls is the most significant thing you can do. And this homemaking? It is so much more than cooking and cleaning; it is the creating of an oasis for your family to flourish.

So here, in this humble space, I pray…
that my words would be an oasis for your weary heart…
that you would understand that Biblical homemaking is an oasis of opportunity…
that I might help you to make your home into an oasis for all who enter….

In Him,

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