Thursday, February 6, 2014

Indoor Snow Play

What to do when you've got single digit highs for the day and two little girls who desperately want to play in the snow?

Fill a large plastic bin with the icy, white stuff and let them loose in the kitchen. They had a blast and the floor got a much needed mopping when it was all over.

How do you tackle chilly snow days?

In Him,

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Stuff Charlie Says, Vol. 3

It's been a long while since my last "Stuff Charlie Says" post and I've amassed quite a collection of quotes for you. And, for your viewing pleasure, I've added some of her finer art pieces from the past few months as well. So, without further ado...Stuff Charlie Says, Vol. 3:

On pizza toppings (and marsupials):
"Daddy, all the goodies on your pizza looks like a pile of baby possums."

"Millions of Horses"

On meat:
"And inside the fish is yummy fish chicken!"


On conversation topics:
Charlie: let's not talk about fancies, let's just talk about boring things.
Me: what is boring?
Charlie: like newspapers.

"A Dog Playing with Its Ropes"
On health:
Charlie: here mommy, use some of my Chapstick.
Me: thank you but I have a cold, I don't want to get cold germs on it.
Charlie: okay. I have warm germs.

On shopping lists:
"Mommy, at the store I have to buy dresses and princess lipstick, Cindarella shoes for Anne and beef!"

"Nannie and a Rainbow"
On dreams (in which Annie bombs a tender moment)
Me: what are you going to dream about tonight Char?
Charlie: I'm going to dream about loving God.
Me: I can't think of a better thing to dream about. Annie, what are you going to dream about?
Annie: Mickey Mouse!!

And that my friends is a little sampling of what goes on around here. I hope this brightened your day and that we didn't ruin tonight's pizza dinner.

I'd love to hear some of your favorite kid quotes...leave them in the comments!

In Him,

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

I Heart Penguins...A Penguin Heart Craft

Love is in the air...and construction paper is on the floor. Today the girls and I did a simple and sweet Valentine craft that is sure to liven up any refrigerator door. Here's what ya do...

Red, pink and white construction paper
Large googly eyes (or white construction paper and a black marker..let's not let a little thing like googly eyes keep us from craft time)

For my girls (ages 2 and 3) I cut out the pieces ahead of time. Big kids could cut their own and get a nifty math lesson in symmetry while they're at it...crafting makes you so super smart.

Cut out one large red oval, one large white heart and three small pink hearts. Then, you know, slap 'em together with glue like we did. Really, instructions for this thing are's not rocket science (but there is the symmetry thing.) 

Find a home for your penguin, or flock of them as the case maybe, and give them some puny Valentine signage. I only have "ice" for're cool Valentine...

We'll be back soon with more Valentine pun...err, I mean fun.

In Him,