Friday, April 12, 2013

The Road Trip

UPDATE: This was posted in October 2012...not quite sure what I did to make it repost at the top...or how to get it back to where it was. Ohh, technology! Looking at it, it kinda feels like forever ago since we live here now. Enjoy it anyway!

We just recently got back from a wonderful long weekend road trip to Bend, Oregon. We survived the drive (it really wasn't as bad as I let my imagination tell me it would be) and our time in Bend was so refreshing. Here, in pictures, is our little vacation...

Running off some late night energy at the rest stop

Tennis shoes over jammies...the latest look in fall fashion

Pit stop near Mount Shasta for lunch...beautiful
Trying out big sister's snow hat, car seat and snack trap
Lunch time!
Our little squirrel gathering acorns
The beautiful Deschutes River runs right through Bend
Downtown near our vacation quaint
Playing on the lawn
Collecting (and eating) leaves
Evidence that I was there
Ready for the 14 hour trip home!
Family vacations are fun!!

The trip was delightfully low key. We visited with family, took some walks, went to church and took the girls to the local pool. We really didn't get too many more pictures than this. I guess we were too wrapped up in having fun and enjoying the sweet family time.

In Him,

Stuff Charlie Says, Vol. 2

On forgiveness:
Charlie: "Mommy, I forgive you."
Me: "Why do you forgive me."
Charlie: "Because I kicked Annie, but I forgive you."

On hair accessories:
"I'm getting too hot in my headband."

On witnessing:
Charlie: "We are going to the comp store."
Me: "Comp store? What's at the comp store?"
Charlie: "People who don't beleive Jesus."
Me: "Oh no! What can we do?"
Charlie: "Nothing except God."
Me: "Well, could we tell them about Jesus?"
Charlie: "No."

On other things Moses may have said:
"Let my people wear sweatpants!"

On noodles:
"I like 'em chewy. They tickle my teeth when they are chewy."

In Him,

Photo by the incredible Lisa Armstrong at Tumbleweed Studios. I highly recomend her to any locals!