Friday, April 12, 2013

Stuff Charlie Says, Vol. 2

On forgiveness:
Charlie: "Mommy, I forgive you."
Me: "Why do you forgive me."
Charlie: "Because I kicked Annie, but I forgive you."

On hair accessories:
"I'm getting too hot in my headband."

On witnessing:
Charlie: "We are going to the comp store."
Me: "Comp store? What's at the comp store?"
Charlie: "People who don't beleive Jesus."
Me: "Oh no! What can we do?"
Charlie: "Nothing except God."
Me: "Well, could we tell them about Jesus?"
Charlie: "No."

On other things Moses may have said:
"Let my people wear sweatpants!"

On noodles:
"I like 'em chewy. They tickle my teeth when they are chewy."

In Him,

Photo by the incredible Lisa Armstrong at Tumbleweed Studios. I highly recomend her to any locals!

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