Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Toddler Painting 101 and a Project (Day 3)

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Today I want to share a few tips for making toddler painting fun for everyone...

  • Supplies: Besides tempera paint and brushes, you'll want large sheets of paper, a container to hold your paint and some painter's tape
  • With toddlers and paint less is more. I only add a small amount to Charlie's dish (an old pie tin) at a time to prevent major spills.
  • Less is also more when it comes to toddler's clothing and painting. I prefer stripping down to the diaper versus covering up with an apron or smock. The good Lord knew what he was doing when he made kids so washable.
  • The larger the paper the better, it will keep more paint on the page and less on the...everything else.
  • Tape your paper down to the surface you child is working on to prevent the masterpiece from being brushed right on to the floor.
  • If you want to keep the art work from looking like mud (say for a gift for grandma) limit the color palate. Choose two primary colors and that way, when they mix, you just get a pretty secondary color! Sometimes we do two primaries and white to make pastels.
And, as promised, a simple painting project that always turns out pretty...

Supplies: Tempera paint (preferably two primary colors), paintbrush, container for paint, large sheets of paper, tape, pencil, scissors
  • Tape your paper to the work surface and let your kiddo paint! The thicker and gloppier the better
  • When your child is done fold the page in half with the paint on the inside and smoosh the two halves together.
  • Open and allow to dry completely
  • Once dry, fold the painting along the same fold line and and draw half of a symmetrical shape along the fold. (Ideas...butterfly, leaf, Christmas tree, heart, star)
  • Cut out your shape, open up and hang some where to enjoy your child's pretty artwork!
 I think a wall full of big autumn leaves would be so pretty! And, since I currently have a very blank living room wall, we may be doing just that.

Come back tomorrow for ideas to display all of your little ones sweet scribbles!

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  1. Fun! I will have to do this with my daughter when she is a little older. :)

  2. Here is my painting secret... I will tape some butcher paper up in the tub/shower and strip her down to diaper and let her paint away. I always do this before bath time. When we are done we clean up the supplies and then have a colorful bath. Yes, I know she may not be as clean as a typical bath but she loves wiping up the paint almost as much as painting and she'll get another bath tomorrow so what's the harm. :) The best part is that she in contained and the tub is so much easier to clean than the table and highchair/booster seat!!

    1. Melissa I love it! If there are two things my daughter likes they are painting and bath time. What a great idea to put them together. We'll be trying this soon.