Tuesday, August 7, 2012

{Quick Tip} Snazzy, Jazzy Ziploc Baggy

Life around these parts has been C-R-A-Z-Y as of late. My dear, hard working husband has been working six days a week, roughly 58 hour weeks and he's been sick. Such is summer in the construction industry. Lord willing it's only for the month of August. Needless to say this has really zapped the energy out of the whole team. We're in just-gettin'-by mode.

Just-gettin'-by = naked kids and messy floors
But, even in seasons where we feel like we just might drown in all that life is hurling our way, we need to look beyond ourselves and find ways to bless others. Here is a simple little tip for jazzing up a small token of appreciation or a little baggie of encouragement, even when life is all in a frazzle.

Some dear friends from church recently had us over for dinner and I wanted to bring along a small hostess gift. The toddler and I had made granola that morning and I thought I'd share our tasty treat. I scooped some into a ziploc baggie but the presentation was less than impressive. With a scrap of pretty paper and a few staples I was able to turn it into a pretty little package.

Less than impressive presentation
This is really just so silly simple that I don't think it needs explaining, but...
1. find pretty scrap of paper roughly the length of the top of your baggie
2. fill baggie with special treats
3. fold pretty scrap in half, and staple to the top of the baggie

Snazzy and Jazzy...but just a ziploc baggie :)
This would be a great and inexpensive way to package party favors too!

So go find a treat and bless a friend with a snazzy, jazzy ziploc baggie of love.

Ok...back to the grind...over and out!

In Him,

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  1. I just made some crockpot granola that I liked. Would you mind to share your recipe? It looks yummy!!