Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Charlie Marie is Two

Charlie Marie turned two this weekend and I can hardly believe it. We had such a great time celebrating out sweet first born all weekend long. With lots of family in town and friends joining us for her party it was a busy, busy weekend but we had a blast.

While the guest list was long and required renting tables and chairs for the party (It felt a little silly to me before hand. Rent tables for a second birthday party? Really? But it was totally worth it.) I tried to keep things low key and simple.

I decided to have Charlie make the decorations so we set the table with egg carton flowers and hung some symmetry butterflies in the windows. I loved spending the time to do crafts with her rather than leaving her to play on her own so that I could make elaborate, picture perfect centerpieces and buntings. A few balloons, quick tissue paper pom-poms and some ruffled streamers left over from her first birthday and we were in business.

  Photo by ashleymarietoo 

We served lunch, a taco bar, which went together with very little fuss thanks to my crock pot. Dessert was a bouquet of cupcakes decorated by my sisters-in-law (sister-in-laws?). Anyway, I was so thankful to have them here to help in such a big way.

With two-year-olds I’ve come to find that party games just aren’t worth the trouble so our fun consisted of the swing set and some tubs of play-doh. The big hit of the day however was the huge galvanized tub of ice we kept the drinks in. The kids swarmed the tub, splashing in the water, digging out drinks, eating and throwing chunks of ice until their hands were bright pink and frozen.

We had beautiful weather for playing and having fun in the backyard and, most importantly, I think Charlie felt special and had a great time.

In Him,

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