Monday, July 23, 2012

An Unpinnable Post

Over the weekend we had some friends over for a barbeque. There were no burlap table runners or mason jar center pieces...gasp! No s'mores bars, s'mores brownies, s'mores cupcakes or s'mores candies. No, not even a pallet in sight.

I did throw a table cloth on the patio table, but only because that was easier than wiping all the grime off of the table top. We served barbequed chicken, as in chicken + jar of barbeque sauce = barbecued chicken. There was a pasta salad. Here's the recipe if you want to pin it: boil tortellini, scoop pesto out of jar, mix with cherry tomatoes from the garden (tomatoes are optional.) For desert we had ice cream...scoop, serve and enjoy. And all was elegantly served and consumed on paper plates.

Can I tell you what else we had? We had fun! We relaxed. We had great and encouraging conversations. We laughed at the antics of toddlers playing in the grass, and cuddled warm, sweet babies. Food was devoured and tasted great, even better between belly laughs.

And this hostess? She relaxed all afternoon with her family, was really present all evening with her guests and tossed a few paper plates in the trash before turning out the kitchen lights and going to bed...early...with a happy heart and a clean kitchen.

Now friends, I do like Pintrest. Oh, no, I do love Pintrest. As in 1,452 pins and counting love it. I enjoy many things crafty and culinary. There are times for all of the glamorous recipes and eccentric centerpieces. But I've been learning lately the need to keep it simple. Finding the blessing in keeping it real. It's the people, not the place settings. It's the fellowship, not the food. Love and laughter before DIY chalkboard paint and wine bottle lanterns, ya know?

So, break out the paper plates, put some hotdogs on the grill and call some friends. Don't consult Pintrest, don't even sweep the floor. Live and laugh. Have fun and fellowship. I dare you!

In Him,

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  1. great encouragement kim kim! we wish you were closer so we could enjoy life with you, and invite you over to our lived in house!